One of the pillars of the game is that we need it to be a competitive game and reward winners with prizes. This will be a unique selling point to onboard traditional mobile gamers.

Global Leaderboard

The leaderboard is a game element that displays the performance of individual players in comparison to other players. It lists the players in the order of the points they have achieved in the game and offers a form of metrics that players may strive to accomplish by showing their scores relative to what others have accomplished. As research shows, this is often a huge incentive for people to play the game. Statistics that will be shown:
  • Games won
  • Games played
  • Win-Loss ratio
  • Level
  • Time played

Bi-weekly Challenges

We will challenge players to earn XP and Dodo Dimes by completing in-game achievements. The top 10 players of this bi-weekly tournament will earn (large sums) of Dodo Dimes. Examples of challenges:
  • Win 5 battles in a row
  • Win a match without using your spare deck
  • Win a match playing only healers

Farms Tournament

Every 2 weeks we will host tournaments for farms. Farms will be competing against each other and the winner takes all. To win the tournament, players are allowed to use their Farm-mate's NFT's. The Cardodo team will reward large prizes for the winners of the tournaments to motivate players to participate in Farms, create community and strive to win Farm Tournaments.