Farmers Market

Lending & renting NFT's. Yes. That's passive income from your Cardodo.
Lending in the Farmers Market on Dodo Dynasty


Cardodo holders will be able to lend their Dodo's on the Farmers Market. The lender will be able to choose their own price (in Dodo Dimes per hour) and timeframe for which the Dodo can be rented. After the lender has chosen their price and timeframe it will be listed on the Marketplace for others to rent. While the Dodo is listed on the marketplace or rented out it cannot be played anymore.
There will be a 3% fee deducted from the tokens the lender receives which will be put back into the ecosystem fund to be redistributed into the game economy.
Renting in the Farmers Market on Dodo Dynasty


Every player can rent Dodo's from the Farmers Market to be used in their side deck.
As mentioned in the Tokenomics there will be a limit on how many tokens can be earned by Free to Play players. Renting a Dodo gives the full benefits of actually owning one. The rented NFT acts like a regular NFT. Free To Play players can use the Dodo Dimes which they have earned through playing Dodo Dynasty to rent NFT Dodo's from Cardodo Holders to get the full benefits for a set period of time.