70% of the DDD tokens will be reserved for the Ecosystem Fund.
To create a well balanced and fair economy a large part of the tokens will be allocated to the user base. The Dodo Dimes will be distributed in two ways.


The majority of the Ecosystem fund will be distributed through rewards which can be earned by playing Dodo Dynasty. Some examples of the ways in which Dodo Dimes can be earned are:
  • Getting revenue from renting out your NFT Cardodo
  • Weekly rewards: The rewards will scale up the higher you climb up the weekly leaderboard.
  • Winning PvP matches
  • Farm vs Farm tournaments
  • Referrals
Within the game you will be able to spend your Dodo Dimes by:
  • Renting Cardodo NFT’s from other players
  • Entering Tournaments
  • Purchasing in-game items
  • Opening packs
  • Payment method for future Cardodo drops
  • And more…