Why Cardano?

The team choose to build Cardodo and Dodo Dynasty on the Cardano Blockchain. We believe out of all the blockchains Cardano is here to stay. Cardano released over 130 peer reviewed scientific papers which mathematically proved the protocols the blockchain uses. These protocols developed by Cardano are used by many other blockchains in the cryptocurrency space. Often Cardano is criticized for making slower progress than other blockchains. But we believe this research first, implementation later approach will make Cardano one of the prevailing blockchains of the future. Transaction costs
In comparison to the extremely high transaction costs ($10-$50 per transaction) of other blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH) or Solana (SOL), we see that Cardano (ADA) only costs around $0,20 to send a transaction on the Cardano Network. Being a F2P-P2E game we will need to be able to process a lot of transactions. It is therefore not feasible nor scalable to pay 10$ - 50$ per transaction. P2E games on other blockchains have solved this challenge by creating a Layer 2 Solution. However, these are not always secure. This was recently proven by a hack of $600M on another P2E Game. Since the Dodo Dime (DDD) token and NFT's are native to the blockchain it means it has the same security as the Cardano blockchain itself.