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Auto Battler

Auto Battlers are tactical strategy games with drafting elements from card games. Players fight each other in one versus one matches.
Players fight each other by placing Dodo's on the 'board' limited by the amount of in-game currency they have available. The Dodo's fight each other automatically when a round starts.
Dodo Dynasty has, not like any other Auto Battler, 2 boards. Main Board The Battle always starts on the main board which is one of the 6 sceneries. After the first death on the board, the second board will unlock. Afterlife Board Every Dodo that dies on the main board will be revived to battle again in the Afterlife Board. This has 2 sceneries: Hell & Heaven. The secondary board allows players that lost on the main board to get a chance to win on the Afterlife board and one of our key metrics to prevent pay-to-win mechanics.
The game is over after both boards have come to a resolution. We want to allow people to casually play Dodo Dynasty, therefore we aim a game to last ±10 minutes.
Homescreen of Dodo Dynasty


We have defined 4 classes:
Tanks: Take the hits so others don’t have to! Fighters: These Dodo's dish out the damage and give you your justice! Priests: These Dodo's worship you and they heal and revive others in your name! Leaders: These Dodo's coördinate and buff other Dodo's to lead to victory! Ultimate Dodo Once you put a third Dodo of the same class on the board, they combine to become an Ultimate Dodo with increased powers and stats. When you manage to put down 9 dodos they will combine to become a Legendary Dodo. Class distribution We have distributed the classes by the colors from the Cardodo collection
Ultimate Fighter
Ultimate Priest
Ultimate Tank
Ultimate Leader
Free of choice

Dodo Granted Powers

Each Dodo worships you and their faith gives you powers to affect the board directly once per round. For each Dodo you put on the board your power increases.
Each class gives you access to a different power:
Direct Damage to opponent Dodo's
Revive fallen Dodo's
Protect from incoming Damage
Focus on Target
Powers while playing a game of Dodo Dynasty


Main Deck Every player starts with a main-deck. This deck consists of 3 'Basic Dodo's' that you can place on the board and that are randomly generated. Every round your Main Deck fills up to 3 randomized Dodo's. Basic Dodo's will have a standardized look and feel and will only vary in stats. Side Deck The side-deck consists of Cardodo NFT's that you:
Side Deck with Cardodo NFT's in Dodo Dynasty


The Cardodo collection has 6 scenes, this means that there will be 6 different maps where Dodo's will battle to victory. All of the Cardodo NFT's in the Nest live in a certain scene. When you have a Cardodo in your side-deck and fight in the scene that is randomly selected in Dodo Dynasty, the amount of in-game currency you need to pay to place the Dodo on the board is reduced. This means it is beneficial for Cardodo owners to have variety in Sceneries across their wallet. Scenes:
  • Water
  • Jungle
  • Landscape
  • Club
  • Ice
  • Cave
A game of Dodo Dynasty in the Landscape scene
A game of Dodo Dynasty in the Ice scene
A game of Dodo Dynasty in the Water scene

Preventing Pay to Win

The 2 boards are the main tool to prevent Pay to Win. Suppose a player loses heavily on the first board, it will directly give this player a massive advantage on the afterlife board. Secondly, we don't force players to own the NFT to play the game and have a competitive advantage. That's why we implemented the Farmers Market and therefore enabling people to easily rent Dodo's for a shorter period of time.


Each game you play you will earn XP to level your account. Leveling your account means climbing on the global leaderboard as well as earning rewards depending on your level.

Bot Protection

Due to the fact that Dodo Dynasty is the first Play-2-Earn AND Free-2-Play game, we expect that a lot of players will try to create bots to play Dodo Dynasty and generate in-game currency to sell online. Almost every multiplayer game experiences this issue and it ruins the in-game economy. This is especially problematic for P2E games as the assets of these games can be openly traded on the secondary market.
To prevent botting will implement the following measures to deter bots in the first place:
  • Recaptcha test on login
  • Energy system:
    • Each player will get a certain amount of energy each day.
    • After energy is depleted the game can still be played but winning games will no longer grant you tokens
    • Games played without energy still count toward the ranking and the leader board
The energy system deters bots by setting a limit on the total playtime where tokens can be earned. The amount of energy given to the player each day will be scaled to ensure that a regular players can earn tokens while playing for a normal playtime but prevent bots from playing 24 hours straight and collecting a disproportionate amount of tokens.
Additionally, the team will monitor game activity closely to flag accounts that show suspicious activity and will take appropriate measures if we find out accounts are using bots to play the game.