Dodo Dime (DDD)

Allocation of the Dodo Dime token

DDD Distribution

The total Dodo Dime supply will be capped at 500,000,000 (Five hundred million)
The allocation of the tokens will be as follows:
Team 10% 50,000,000
Ecosystem fund 70% 350,000,000
Airdrops and liquidity 5% 25,000,000
Development fund 15% 75,000,000


The Dodo Dimes will be able to be staked for:
  • 6 months - 8% APY
  • 12 months - 20% APY
The tokens will be locked in a smart contract and will be released after the locked period including the APY.

Self-sustaining ecosystem

Once all the tokens have been distributed across the community the goal of the Cardodo team is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. This means that all tokens that are spent will be collected in the community fund from which all in-game rewards will be paid.
We will achieve this goal by implementing a balancing system which will scale the rewards and the costs of the game to ensure there are not more tokens given out than that the ecosystem fund receives.
From the tokens spent in game a very small (±0.05%) percentage of the tokens will be burned. Due to the fact that the amount of tokens is capped at a maximum of 500 million the gradual burning of the tokens will make the token a deflationary currency.

Accommodating F2P players in a P2E game

Dodo Dynasty will be a Play to Earn game which does not require you to own the NFT’s to play the game. In order for the in-game economy to stay balanced we have to make a distinction between 'Free to Play Players' and 'NFT Players'. The Cardodo NFT is seen as an investment in the project. Therefore the NFT players will be rewarded with more DDD tokens in Dodo Dynasty. The rewards for the 'Free-to-Play Players' will be scaled accordingly. In this way they can still participate in the ecosystem and by playing they can earn enough to purchase or rent the Cardodo NFT to receive the full rewards. This system will heavily increase the value of the NFT's and allows a sustainable growth or stable floor-price as long as the overall player-base grows.